Pajama as an evening look? Yes, you heard it right. The fashion tendencies show us that mixing it all is the key to exceptional style. We asked our blog guest, stylist and fashion editor Greta Kuk to tell us few secrets on how to keep your style on point this summer!

As for a fashion editor, what trend this summer is your favorite?

With no doubt, the mix-it-all tendency. The latest fashion weeks has shown us that there are less and less rules while choosing what to match in your look. Different patterns, cuts and even styles come together making eclectic yet outstanding outfits.

What’s your opinion on leisurewear as part of daily outfit?

I think it’s a great way to spice your daily outfit a little. Such pieces as linen lounge suits or even silky pajama tops are easy to style and can be worn various ways.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think it’s really eclectic – I tend to mix various styles, patterns, fabrics and cuts while choosing what to wear. Of course, sometimes I hoop onto trends as well, but most of all I like mixing it all together.

As a stylist, how would you recommend style a pajama?

The key here is your accessories, especially ones of high quality. It’s amazing how much one good pair of earrings, golden necklace and leather boots can do! You should try having fun with various accessories while styling PJ’s or lounge suit and find what fits you best.

Why do you think it’s worthy to invest in leisurewear?

First of all, some pieces as silky pajamas or linen lounge suits can be a great pick as an outfit – they are easy to style, and you can wear them not only at home. Also, I believe that the way you feel at home, your closest environment, reflects the way you look outside of it, I think it is important to bring this holistic perspective into one’s style.

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