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We are glad to meet you and hope you will enjoy the new MJrever blog. What is this going to be about? We aim to share our most interesting news, tips, and collaborations within this new blog, so that you can always be updated and inspired. 

Speaking frankly, this period has been challenging for many of us on various levels, but we always say, that you can find you peace within the cosiness and comfort of home. Given the amount of time we are spending indoors, having a perfectly balanced home environment is the key. So, let us take you to some insights on how to create the place where you will always want to come back.

Choose the colour palette that best reflects your personality. It is widely known that colours can shape our mood and impact our emotions. Thus, creating a comfortable and pleasing space includes balance of colours that will make your eyes and soul feel at peace. In example, light blue and pastel colours can help you feel more relaxed, grounded, and focused, while intense colours as red or black will bring passion and strength into your home. 

Look for the finest fabrics to surround you. While being in home we sometimes forget how much interactions with things that surround us are being made throughout the day. Thus, a perfectly soft pyjama, or feather – like blanket can make you unconsciously feel more safe, comfortable and at peace.

Every tiny detail counts when creating the perfect atmosphere. The scented candle of your favourite kind or home perfume that brings you the best memories is very important not only for that perfect Instagram pic but for your balanced home atmosphere as well.

These are just a few things that count while creating one ‘s perfect home and place that always welcomes you and your family. However, always seek for more inspiration and if need, look at our best selection of home goods, that will bring sense of luxury, aesthetics, and sophistication to you home.

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